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Abstract. Experiments were performed to investigate the influence of different levels of Spirulina (0, 1, 3, 5 and 8%) on feed consumption, growth, fertility, coloration, and leucocyte count in the orna- mental red swordtail, Xiphophorus helleri.

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The genus Xiphophorus is composed of 26 described members of platyfish and swordtails. Xiphophorus alvarezi is a member of the X. helleri clade (X. helleri, X. alvarezi, X. signum, X. mayae). Male Xiphophorus alvarezi can be impressive fish up to six inches in length. The overall body color is a orange with pearly white spots and green.

What type of listing is this?: For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: 25 Red Swordtails | Xiphophorus helleri What are your prices?: 25 Where are you located?: ku Pickup or Able to Ship?: Shipping Only Description: 25 very healthy red swordtails, the fish in the picture is the actual...
Arthington, A.H. 1989. Diet of Gambusia affinis holbrooki, Xiphophorus helleri, X. maculatus and Poecilia reticulata (pisces: Poeciliidae) in streams of southeastern Queensland, Australia. Asian Fisheries Science, (2) 193-212.
Poecilia mexicana, Alfaro huberi, Xiphophorus helleri (green swordtail), Belonesox belizianus (pike top minnow), Gambusia sp., Heterandria bimaculatus, Phallichthys amates and an undescribed plant which only grows in the fastest rapids, all occupy the streams with T. wesseli.
Xiphophorus helleri ada red lyra - 4 - 5 cm . naše cena 47,0 K ... Xiphophorus helleri golden half moon - 5 - 6 cm . naše cena 42,0 K ...
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Xiphophorus helleri (red variety) is one of the most commercially important ornamental fish more frequently seen in aquarium store. In present book attempt has been made to assess colour enhancement potential of indigenous ornamental flower pigment sources in the sword tail, Xiphophorus helleri.
Xiphophorus alvarezi (Rosen 1960) Xiphophorus andersi (Meyer & Schartl 1980) Xiphophorus bimaculatus See Heterandria bimaculata Xiphophorus birchmani See Xiphophorus birchmanni Xiphophorus birchmanni (Lechner & Radda 1987) Xiphophorus brevis See Xiphophorus hellerii Xiphophorus clemenciae (Alvarez 1959) Xiphophorus cochianus See Xiphophorus couchianus ...
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They were originally brown and green in colour but, thanks to the different breeds and cross-breeds, there are now many different bred species; those with red colourings are particularly popular. Aquarium and water. To create an appropriate environment, Xiphophorus helleri should be kept in an aquarium with a minimum volume of 100 litres ...
(Xiphophorus helleri) Easy Peaceful 4" 20 gallons 64-80° F, KH 10-30, pH 7.0-8.2 Omnivore Selective breeding Poeciliidae ~ s Community The Neon ~ (Xiphophorus helleri) is named for the bright neon blue coloration that extends the length of the fish. Closely related, ~ s - Xiphophorus helleri and Platies - Xiphophorus maculatus are also popular ...
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  • The Swordtail or Xiphophorus helleri is a member of the family Poecilidae in the order Cyrinodontiformes. The sword fish is endemic to both North and South America. Their natural habitat stretches from Vera Cruz, Mexico to Honduras. The name swordtail is literal.
  • Xiphophorus hell. red, Xiphophorus hell. red lyra, Xiphophorus hell. red simson, Xiphophorus hell. red wagteil, Xiphophorus helleri red lyretail hifin Anglicky: Red swordtail
  • Xiphophorus helleri. Wikispecies has an entry on: Xiphophorus hellerii. ... Xiphophorus Hellerii, Swordtail, red (male & female) Swordtail, wagtail (female) Swordtail, wagtail (male & female) Green Swordtail, lyretail (female, pregnant) Red Male and Pineapple Wag Female. Swordtail Fry at 1 day old.
  • Scientific Name: Xiphophorus hellerii Common Name: Marigold Swordtail Max Size: 5.5" pH: 7.0-8.0 Hardness: Moderate Temperature: 60-80° Aggressiveness: Peaceful Region of Origin: Central America Captive Bred or Wild: Captive Bred Diet: Small flake or pellet, small frozen or live foods Compatibility: Schooling fish, liv
  • red dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia ) red eartheater (Geophagus surinamensis) red eye tetra (Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae) red fin (Altolamprologus compressiceps) red oscar (Astronotus ocellatus) red platy (Xiphophorus maculatus) red snakehead (Channa micropeltes) red spotted cichlid (Theraps bifasciatus) red tailed shark (Labeo bicolor)

Koi Swordtail (Xiphophorus Helleri Koi Kohaku) Colour of the fish is white with red, orange or yellow spots. Sometimes the fish have also black dots. There is lot of color variants of the fish which differ

What type of listing is this?: For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: 25 Red Swordtails | Xiphophorus helleri What are your prices?: 25 Where are you located?: ku Pickup or Able to Ship?: Shipping Only Description: 25 very healthy red swordtails, the fish in the picture is the actual... Swordtails Price List Scientific Name Common Name – Size Pcs /Box FOB Price Xiphophorus helleri RED SWORD – {S} – [3-3.3cm] 400 0.13 Xiphophorus helleri RED SWORD – {M} &#…
Xiphophorus helleri Heckel (1848; Green Swordtail) Figure 1G, H DIAGNOSIS: A medium to large swordtail with a long straight caudal appendage. Mid-lateral stripe may be dusky or brownish (northern populations) or red. Two additional reddish stripes may be present above midla-teral line and one beneath. Terminal segmentΕπιστημονικό όνομα: Xiphophorus Helleri Καταγωγή: Νότια Αμερική. Τελικό μέγεθος: 4-5.5cm Ph: 7.5 -8.5 (Ιδανικά: 7.8-8) GH: 10-20°dKH Θερμοκρασία: 18-28°C Λίτρα: Για ένα χαρέμι, 1 αρσενικό και 3 θηλυκά, 50 λίτρα Διατροφή: Παμφάγο.

Xiphophorus helleri Red Lyra L. Na dotaz. 29,75 Kč bez DPH . 36,00 K ...

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